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Cartoon HD is a free mobile application which was developed and closed by us long time ago. Recently, some users sent mail to us, ask the Cartoon HD’s information, this is also the last information from Cartoon HD to users.

At the beginning, we want to develop an mobile application which supplies entertainment content for children. It’s not only free but also meet demand of waching cartoon movie for children. Therefore, Cartoon HD was made and working well, many people sent us a lot of thank due to this app. We are really happy about that. However copyright violation contents which we listed made MPA intervene. So we closed this application following their request.

But recently there were many people who fakes us to scam, abuse and get benefit from users. We affirm that Cartoon HD no longer works on any website, facebook or twitter. Every application or service related to Gappcenter, Cartoon HD, Cartoon Movie HD, Cartoon HD Pro… is fake. Please be wise and careful while use them.

These below links which were faked us:
=> Due to your safety, we suggest you that shouldn't like or follow them.

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